Universal Prayer

Published July 22, 2015 by Linda Bennett

Universal Prayer

Heavenly Father –Divine Mother, Our God, You are our Creator, our Essence and we are One with you and the Universe.

Blessed are those who know this and who love you, Our merciful prayers for those who do not. May they be brought back into Your Light, for it is Your Kingdom of Eternal Love and Divine Tranquility that all souls truly seek.

We pray that You:

Enlighten us with the courage and wisdom needed to continue our upward struggle to Divine completion regardless of the obstacles in our path…

Provide us with the sustenance we require to complete our work on the physical plane…

Protect us from unnecessary harmful situations, and draw to us those companions who will help us on our karmic paths so that we may successfully complete our journeys…

Forgive us for our weaknesses, and let us be strengthened by Your love. In this devotion may we find it in our hearts to forgive those who have wronged us, and pray that they find Your truth and peace with whatever help we may offer…

Send the Angels to guide us in Your perfect image and deepen our God Consciousness…

Help us to spread Your message of fairness, gentleness, equality and love for all people, as every soul is created by You in Your image…

Let us be strong enough as individuals and powerful enough as Light Workers to neutralize negative vibrations created by unenlightened ones. With this strength, we can bring gentleness, understanding, and tolerance to the planet by the example of our daily lives and our prayers so that harmony and love may reign in Your name.

May we treat the Earth and her creatures with dignity and respect. You created this Divine garden for us to love and care for while we are on our spiritual journeys.

We ask these things, Heavenly Father-Divine Mother, our God, so that we may more swiftly complete our spiritual journeys and be united with You.

For You are Eternal Peace, Light and Love, and We are One.

Reverend Linda Bennett

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