Who is Linda Bennett?

Who is Linda Bennett?

Linda Bennett 

Linda Bennett presently lives in Florida and has been consulting and teaching professionally for many years. She has been studying Eastern and Western theology and metaphysics since early childhood, and as a natural psychic, has had her abilities all her life. Ms. Bennett is a reverend of Alliance of Divine Love Chapter 185.
Ms. Bennett is also an established authority on countless spiritual and metaphysical subjects, appearing on numerous television shows, news interviews and national radio programs.
For over 12 years, Linda has been producing and hosting Metaphysically Speaking™, a weekly, one hour, live call-in television program, which she created. Some of the topics most frequently covered are below.

The personal power of inner awareness and taking charge of your life: 

•              Prayer and meditation

•              Crystals

•              Angels and fairies

•              Reincarnation

•              Soul Mates

•              Astrology and numerology

•              Natural healing

•              Animal spirits

•              Our inter-relationship with the environment

•              UFO’s

•              World politics and future civilization.

Her goal is to help people discover their true selves, maintain a sense of humor, develop a powerful, independent, personal relationship with God, and function lovingly and effectively with all life on the planet.

For more than 20 years, Linda has been researching various techniques for past life regressions and meditation. As a result, she has developed a beautifully combined system of basic relaxation, visualization, meditation, cleansing and discovering future potential in a 2-cassette kit call Inner Journey ©, Vol. 1. It is a timeless wisdom, that only with true inner awakening, can one find deep spiritual peace. These tapes will help you on your own Inner Journey ©.

Linda Bennett is a spiritual minister and has counseled thousands of people with their personal and professional problems. She also conducts non-hypnotic past life regressions which help clarify issues we deal with each day. In keeping with her own spiritual beliefs, Linda leads a Yogi lifestyle of no smoking, drinking, drugs, but, of course, vegetarianism, meditation, common sense, the golden rule, loving animals and chocolate!

A prolific writer, Ms. Bennett is the author of the Metaphysically Speaking™ newsletter (please contact us for more information), numerous magazine articles as well as soon to be released instructional and informational books.

Metaphysically Speaking™ is a registered trademark of Linda Bennett.
All Rights Reserved.


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