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  • Hi Linda, I’m catching up with your current shows via Youtube, thank you for posting them! I grew up in FL and used to watch your tv show all the time. Do you plan to make your meditation tapes available on DVD or on iTunes at some point?

    Also wondering, if you haven’t done so recently, could you do a show on dreams and dreamwork? How they might relate to past lives or future events, and how to deal with any ongoing negative dream experiences?

    • Hello Kris,

      It’s great that you’ve reconnected. I am working toward a release of my shows in other formats. I’ll post when they are available.

      I do have plans for discussing dreams and their metaphysical significance and will announce that segment on the radio show.

      Stay in touch and thank you for growing with us.


  • Hi Linda, just caught the videos for the show on Dreams – really interesting. Thanks for uploading them! I learned at a young age not to take dreams for granted – I had three dreams a month or so in advance of a violent experience at age 10. My family didn’t believe me when I told them – they were convinced that the dreams took place after the event. Not so. When I had a consult with you years later you explained that it was a forewarning and possibly a form of preparation. I’ve never forgotten that. So I try to pay attention to them. Although sometimes sorting the warnings from the past life memories and the Oreo cookie monster heartburn dreams is a challenge. By the way, I’m in St. Louis now. Love the show!

  • Thank you for making Metaphysically Speaking accessible on the internet I have missed you show over the years!!! I just heard the dream show and recalled a dream from years ago I was flying over a futuristic city that had domes, a river on one side and I drew what I remembered on paper when I woke up. The next day I was on the internet and stumbled upon an artists website and one of his paintings were the same as my dream and it was also called futuristic city! I wonder if that’s an actual place. I have also had a few dreams of ghosts and where I am speaking to someone because they came to me for help (and it looks like I am counseling them) sometimes in another language they are speaking but everything is understood. I like the astral traveling dreams they are so pleasant feeling but few I remember.
    I would like to know what you have to say about dying peacefully or having a graceful death/transition. Could you do a show on this?

    • I know you posted this a long time ago. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Yes, I will address your topic in an upcoming show – if not November then December. I hope you get a chance to listen to some of the other broadcasts and watch the new tv show. Peace, Linda

  • Hi Linda,

    I used to watch your tv show all the time when I lived in FL and came to you for private consultations as well back in the mid to late 90s. I recently found you on YouTube and I think I have finally caught up on the videos you have posted there. I just watched your most recent video where you were showing the items you keep on your meditation altar and you touched a little on crop circles and crystals. Could you do a future show and post it on crop circles and their meanings as well as a show on crystals? I don’t recall seeing you do a show on this unless I missed it. Thank you for all that you do.

    • Hello Joy! I am so glad you found me again. I really appreciate you saying hi. We just did a radio show that will be posted on you tube shortly. I did touch on crop circles. Let me know if you have more questions. We will be doing a Christmas show in November and will talk more about crystals then. I have done shows on them in the past, but worth repeating. Keep your comments and questions coming! Also if you are on Facebook, please come over and like Linda Bennett Metaphysically Speaking! Looking forward to hearing from you again. Namaste’, Linda

  • Hi Linda,

    Can you do a show on the Druids? Or if you have done a show on them in the past, can you tell me the month/year?



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