Inner Journey Tapes

 Inner Journey Tapes Vol. 1


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Metaphysically Speaking

1497 Main St. #304

Dunedin, FL  34698

The Inner Journey © series is a program that Linda Bennett has carefully created to enable you to cultivate your own individual awareness, healing and growth process on all levels.

Tape Overview:

These are NOT hypnotic or subliminal tapes. The Inner Journey © program calls for your conscious and active participation in your own cleansing, learning and awakening process. You control your progress!

A Quote from the Author:

“When you sincerely and purposefully Soul search and identify obstacles in your path, you can use your own free will to make whatever changes in your life you so desire. These changes and improvements will occur only when you have made what I call a “Soul Imprint” within all levels of your conscious and subconscious mind. A “Soul Imprint” creates a true transformation. You are then able to harness your free will, take control of your life and claim the success and happiness you deserve.”

My Inner Journey © tapes have a natural and peaceful pacing, designed to allow you to unfold and blossom according to your own Soul’s inner spiritual timing. Rejoice as your Soul, mind and body align together harmoniously!

Feel yourself becoming a brilliant Light beaming in God’s Love throughout the Universe!”

Metaphysically Speaking™ is a registered trademark of Linda Bennett.
All Rights Reserved.

2 comments on “Inner Journey Tapes

  • These tapes CHANGED my life! What a great gift to oneself or a loved one. If you are new to meditation or have meditated for years, these tapes will resonnate to your soul’s vibration.

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