How to Become A Sponsor

How to Become A Sponsor

Let the power of Metaphysically Speaking™ work for you in promoting your product or business.  Advertising on this unique program is available on a limited basis.

Metaphysically Speaking™ enjoys a large, loyal and diverse audience.  Tampa Bay, Florida, where the program has successfully run for more than 14 years, attracts visitors and seasonal residents from around the world.  Through viewer correspondence and event participation, we know that our program appeals to a wide variety of individuals, encompassing a broad spectrum of social economic backgrounds.  We attract a balance of both males and females, not only in the Adults 18-49 and 25-54 demographics; but also in teens and Adults 55-64.  Our diverse audience ranges in occupation from public officials, community leaders and business professionals; to homemakers, blue collar workers and families with small children.  Many families watch the program together.

The added value of being associated with respected host, Linda Bennett, is that her reputation for upholding the highest standards translates to her sponsors as well.   Audiences trust her; and therefore, trust and support the products and services advertised on her program.*

For more information on joining the family of Metaphysically Speaking™ Sponsors, please contact us.

Metaphysically Speaking

Attention: Marketing/TV Sales

1497 Main St. #304
Dunedin, FL  33698
Tel:   727-736-4567

*Metaphysically Speaking™ reserves the right to accept or reject all potential sponsors

Metaphysically Speaking™ is a registered trademark of Linda Bennett.
All Rights Reserved.

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